Reconnect with Facebook

It's very easy to reconnect your Facebook account with Fan Page Robot.
Step 1: Click on the "Deauthorize" link to deauthorize Fan Page Robot with Facebook, then you will be automatically logged out of Fan Page Robot

auto connect to Facebook
Step 2: Go to My Account, log into Fan Page Robot again
Step 3: Click on the "Login to Facebook" link on the left
Step 4: [IMPORTANT] Always click on "Okay" when you authorize Facebook with Fan Page Robot. We care about your privacy too, and only request the minimum permissions needed to make the app work.
auto post to Facebook software
[Optional] Step 5: If you are on a Pro Plan and have more than 3 fan pages, it should pop up a screen to ask you which fan pages you would like to manage using Fan Page Robot.
If you are still experiencing any issues, please contact support